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Fort Worth
Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tuition to increase by 4.5 percent for fall 2022

Need-based aid is expected to rise by the same amount.

Destination set for new residence and dining halls

New residence halls along the east campus will house up to 500 students.

TCU’s Roxo agency: creativity for the campus and community

TCU's Roxo agency is in its 10th year of operation on campus.

SPAC seeking TCU students ready to get involved

The Student Police Advisory Council is searching for students to hear about their negative experiences with officers, in hopes of improving the relationship between the two groups.

TCU’s Student Foundation works to refocus campus identity

TCU's Student Foundation is narrowing its focus on alumni and advancement.
The Harrison Administration Building

Settlement reached between TCU and former students, alumni in lawsuit

The settlement seeks to put an end to a lawsuit that began in January 2020.

Seasonal depression: How students can cope with the changing seasons

Changing seasons and shorter hours of sunlight leave some students fearing dreaded seasonal depression.

Business school, media and communication job fairs held this week

The TCU Sales Center has a job fair for TCU students this week.

Additional housing and dining facilities to be East Campus bound

As the student population has grown, the infrastructure has struggled to keep up. TCU's Board of Trustees plans to address the issue on Friday.
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