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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Dorm drinking trends show increase in 2020

Alcohol violations spiked as COVID-19 restrictions kept students in dorms.

The College Tour launches an episode on TCU

A new TV series, The College Tour, features an episode highlighting TCU's small school with a big school feel reputation.

Chancellor speaks on COVID-19 regulations at town hall meeting

Chancellor Boschini spoke on the possibility of changes in COVID-19 regulations at TCU during the town hall meeting on Oct. 28.

Suspect identified in indecent exposure involving TCU student near campus

An indecent exposure involving a TCU student took place nearby campus on McPherson Ave. and Rogers Ave.

A medal replaces the crown: TCU embraces gender-neutral homecoming award

The recent transition to gender-neutral language is impacting traditional homecoming awards at TCU and across the country.

Monarchs on the move: Helping butterflies fly safely through Texas

You notice the kaleidoscope of butterflies around campus recently? Us too...

TCU IdeaFactory celebrates 10 years helping students bring their ideas to life

TCU IdeaFactory, which helps foster ideas for students on campus, celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Tuesday.

Honors faculty encourages vaccine mandate

TCU Honors faculty proposed a vaccine mandate, as TCU looks for new ways to protect the purple.

TCU’s Intercultural Center brings American Halloween traditions to campus

Some international students are experiencing American Halloween the first time.

International students on campus: an opportunity worth 8,000 miles

More students travel to TCU than ever following a historical drop off in international student population in 2020.
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