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Fort Worth
Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Fort Worth Music Festival

Fortress Festival is coming to Fort Worth April 27 and 28.

COVID-19 sparks decline in business at Fort Worth restaurants and bars

COVID-19 has hurt the local food and beverage locations around the TCU campus.

New monument recognizes Native American and indigenous peoples

TCU is taking an important step forward in mending relations with the Native American and indigenous community.

Guest speaker Ben Shapiro talks about “leftist myths”

Ben Shapiro spoke on leftist myths Wednesday night at TCU.

Hispanic voters credit O’Rourke for their participation

Texas had a higher voter turnout, especially amongst Latinos. Some say O'Rourke inspired them to vote to hopefully see a change in government.

Neighbor to Neighbor program encourages cooperation between students and Fort Worth residents

Since the introduction of this program in 2015, relations between students and Fort Worth residents have improved.
The northwest corner of Lubbock Ave and W Cantey St remains battered.

MyFW resident app gets an update

The MyFW app now makes it easier to report more issues from a smartphone.

TCU community gets a better look at the planned Greek village

A model in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom provided further insight on the new development.

Five Fort Worth restaurants for graduation day

Some places are better for large parties, but expect a hefty wait if you don't have a reservation for post-graduation dining.

Fort Worth Zoo re-opens with new protocols

Some changes have been put in place to try and keep guests safe while still letting them enjoy the park.
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