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Tracking COVID-19 Cases in Texas

TCU360 will be updating our interactive map each day with data from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

‘Ultimate’ college town left deserted amid COVID-19 pandemic

Boston is a city that has been hit very hard by COVID-19. Not only is it heavily populated in a small area, but it contains many colleges within the space as well, which have been forced to kick thousands of students out of dorms in a matter of days.

COVID-19’s impact on Frog Camp, recruitment

Chancellor Boschini and his staff are working continuously to plan ahead for events that were supposed to happen this spring, summer and even fall.

Transition to distance learning poses challenges to nursing program

TCU nursing students have transitioned to online learning, without the hands-on experiences that normally comes with attending classes on campus.

TCU offers little information about second COVID-19 case

On April 1, TCU learned of the positive test results of the student, who was living in an apartment on campus.
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News Now 4/3/20

The first case of COVID-19 on campus; problems at the grocery stores; and the best way to slow the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 impact on Las Vegas

COVID-19 has left a large impact on the city of Las Vegas. The popular tourist destination is almost completely shut down, greatly impacting both the economy and the locals.

Studying abroad during a pandemic

It took 12 hours to abandon the life I spent the past two months creating.

Essential workers face additional rules to limit spread of disease

Essential workers during COVID-19 are being introduced to new regulations in the workplace.
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College students face challenges with distance learning

Students at other universities are experiencing the challenges that come with distance learning.
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