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Friday, October 22, 2021

TCU staff get a second shot at an education

Some of TCU's staff members are working toward getting their GED.

Open House Episode 14: Delaina Bellows

Kyle Atwood talks with Neeley Representative and Dining Committee member, Delaina Bellows, to talk about the East Coast, great food on and off campus, and much more.
clothing on a rack at eco-fashion store Tribe Alive

Second-Hand September: Clothing outlets encourage eco-friendly fashion

Fast fashion harms workers and drains environmental resources, but sustainability is trending.

Etiquette Dinner teaches valuable skills to Chancellor’s Scholars

Chancellor’s Scholars were treated to a five-course meal as part of an etiquette dinner on Tuesday night.

Cool Weather Lookbook

What to wear as the weather gets colder in Fort Worth

Honor students help revive English as a second language course for employees

Twelve of TCU's employees spend an hour each Wednesday and Friday learning English.

Tips and tricks for advising season

Students give their best advice on advising and choosing their schedule for the next semester.

TCU students share what shapes their political views

For many students, college is their first opportunity to form their own political perspectives away from their family and hometown. TCU students talk about what has helped form their political views.

New FSL adviser to connect with students

The new Fraternity and Sorority Life coordinator talks about his goals and aspirations for the program.

LEAPS makes sites more relational

Read about the new sites where TCU students and alumni will be volunteering through LEAPS
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