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Saturday, December 4, 2021

TCU Board of Trustees vote on increasing tuition, updates on construction

Fall tuition will increase by 4.9 percent.

Dickies Arena to open doors this week

Dickies Arena opens Saturday

TCU keeps gender ratio, looks to increase diversity

An overview of TCU's 2017 student ethnic and gender demographics.

Students frustrated, concerned by lack of close to campus parking

Find a good parking spot on campus is already tricky and it will soon become an even greater challenge.

Unpaid internships: history, insight and TCU students’ stories

TCU students take unpaid internships each semester in order to gain experience and build their resumes. But not all students can work for free.

Open House 12: Abbie Zuhlke

Kyle Atwood talks with Abbie Zuhlke, a representative for the College of Education and this year's Dining Services chair.

TCU commuters say campus parking is a ‘hit or miss’

TCU commuters say finding close parking isn't always guaranteed even with a permit.
Campus Commons

The do’s and don’ts of living in a dorm

Current TCU RA's discuss advice for incoming students

TCU researcher receives grant to continue probiotic research

TCU researcher looks to continue his studies in finding a connection between yogurt and the brain.

Tunnel of Oppression shows students scenes of suffering

TCU students learned more about oppression through one event on campus.
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