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Renovated library looks to the future

Increased study spaces and new zones with innovative technology are a few of the changes coming to the renovated library.

Campus Carry: What YOU need to know

TCU is generating a campus-wide conversation about Campus Carry. As a private institution, TCU has the option to opt-out of the Campus Carry requirements, but will it?

Video stream of Thursday’s student debate on campus carry

This is the archived video of the campus carry debate that aired Thursday, September 10 live on TCU360.com.

TCU Faculty Senate, Forensics team talks Campus Carry

The TCU Forensics team will debate Campus Carry at 4 p.m. Thursday in the Bluu Ballroom.

Zoning Commission to vote today on new housing definitions

The proposed revisions to the housing code could drastically change TCU students' ability to rent off-campus houses.

SGA Live Blog: September 8, 2015

A live blog coverage of the 102nd session of TCU's House of Representatives meeting.

Three male students assaulted Friday

Three male students were assaulted on Friday night.

Graphic design major becomes separate department

The TCU Graphic Design Department's revamped program is teaming up with other schools on campus to help students succeed.

Sigma Nu commits to diversity, inclusion

TCU's newest fraternity chapter seeks diversity and inclusion in its first semester.

TCU experiences lower crime rate in August

A lower crime rate proves to be a positive start to the 2015-2016 school year at TCU.
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