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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Muslim Student Association focuses on community after Paris attacks

The student organization is fighting the misconception that Islam is a violent religion while fostering support for the muslim community.
TCU Students celebrate in the stands.

TCU Athletics announces change to student ticket pickup policy

Students will now have to show their student IDs to pick up tickets to the football games.

Freezing rain and hazardous road conditions expected in North Texas

Students can expect a combination of rain, sleet and snow through Tuesday afternoon.

First-year student remembered for her humor

Campus learned of Alena Jarvis' death Monday morning.

Horoscope: April 17, 2020

A baby born today has a Sun in Aries and a Moon in Aquarius until 2:29 p.m., when the Moon enters Pisces. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for...

Study abroad office is sending the most students ever, despite travel alert

The study abroad office is working to ensure students feel comfortable studying abroad regardless of potential dangers.

Texas Frog Camps are now free for incoming students

The nine Texas camps have between 160 and 350 students and used to cost between $200 and $250.

TCU to host annual British Women Writers Conference

TCU is hosting the annual British Women Writers Conference this Thursday and Friday.

Title IX advocate works to support TCU survivors of sexual assault

Some survivors of sexual assault at TCU return to help the Title IX advocate who became a part of their healing journey.

“The Lego Batman Movie” is built for family fun

The Dark Knight returns in the animated spinoff.
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