Campus Lookbook: sunny with a chance of style

The Image Magazine staff asked six TCU students about their spring styles. Here's what they had to say.

Silent demonstrations continue

The silent protests will continue during sporting events.

Opinion: TCU should not support campus carry

TCU’s duty is to create the best possible academic environment for our faculty, staff and students, and that is only achieved by remaining a firearm-free campus

Student Body President, VP of external head to runoff

President and VP of external are heading to a run off election.

Students prepping for research symposium

The Student Research Symposium will showcase the work of students in the College of Science and Engineering on Friday.

TCU community pays tribute to victims of Paris attacks

Students pay tribute to the Paris attacks during a theCrew event.

Beyoncé sparking discussions on race; students offer their takes

Students react after Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar performances highlight racial tensions.

Student meditation group reduces stress, anxiety in members

Meditation and mindfulness practices are becoming more popular on TCU's campus because of the hard work of two TCU professors and a few TCU students.

Parking tickets racking up for students

Students pay two years of TCU tuition through parking tickets.

Effort to add DEI to the core curriculum moves to Faculty...

The proposal garnered the approval of the Student Government Association last week and will be presented to the Faculty Senate Thursday.
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