Foreign Language shouldn’t be a requirement

In the midst of back-to-school madness, the hustle and bustle of putting last-minute schedules together, there is one thing guaranteed to taint the average...

OPINION: TCU professor’s response to Ben Shapiro

A TCU professor responds to Ben Shapiro's lecture last week.

American society holds a warped view of beauty

Beauty can be seen in many forms, shapes and appearances, but when we as a society think of beauty, what comes to mind? Beauty...

Listen: Ball Don’t Lie: The Rafters

Cole discusses the final four in the March Madness tournament as well as TCU's success in the NIT.

The legal drinking age shouldn’t be lowered

For most Americans under the age of 21, alcohol is the drug of choice, but that doesn't mean the drinking age should be changed. The...

Review: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ tells a meandering story with stunning visuals,...

Capturing feel and exhilarating absurdity that comes from the world of anime and manga, "Alita: Battle Angel" sacrifices style and thrills for story.

No regrets about decision not to rush

For more than half of a century, Greek organizations have existed at TCU. Since 1955, these groups have been here to facilitate the school’s...

Listen: Frogflix (Season 2): Episode 13

"Avengers: Endgame" may be running the show, but the hosts talk about some other news in the entertainment industry.

Listen: Frogflix (Season 2): Episode 10

Andrew, Richard and Michelle bring you news on some of the exciting trailers that were released this week.

Opinion: Life of Pi filled with great moments

Walking into Life of Pi, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I've never read the book and the only real backstory I had on the film was passing by a poster for it once or twice. Walking out, I was ultimately glad I decided to go see it. While it is not a film without flaws, it is also one that has some great moments throughout its 127 minutes.

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