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Saturday, June 19, 2021
"I Voted Today" stickers

Tarrant County Elections said results will not be delayed on election night

Election Day results in Tarrant County will not be delayed due to COVID-19, said the county's elections administrator.

Despite projected results, key days still ahead in post-election process

While the election may have been called, key dates are still ahead in the electoral process.

‘TCU Votes Early’ to help students and faculty get to the polls

TCU does not have a polling site on campus for the upcoming election and the event will provide off-campus transportation for students and faculty.

TCU will not open as a polling location this year

TCU will not open as a polling location this election due to COVID-19.

NewsNow Election Edition: 12:02 a.m.

NewsNow anchor Marissa Stacy will be going live hourly with election updates throughout the night.
A man casts a ballot in the general election at an early voting location in Austin, Texas.

Candidates seek to be elected in national, state and local races

Tarrant County voters can find out the candidates who will appear on their ballot.

COVID-19, taxes among major issues discussed at vice presidential debate

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence debated over topics such as taxes and the coronavirus Wednesday night.

Students encourage others to vote in this year’s presidential election

TCU students are preparing to vote in the upcoming election.

ALL IN to Vote: How TCU students can register to vote

Elections are quickly approaching and an organization wants to help students get out to vote.

TCU extends bus route and hours for Election Day

The buses will be running until 8 p.m. to get as many voters to the location as possible.


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