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Thursday, June 30, 2022

What we’re reading: Trump speaks out, environmental issues persist

The Trump administration increased its fight against California's state emission standards.

What we’re reading: President Trump and First Lady test positive for COVID-19, voting rights...

Trump tests positive for COVID-19; 20,000 Amazon workers have tested positive for COVID-19; Abbott's new restriction is being sued by voting rights groups for being unconstitutional.

What we’re reading: Trump won’t participate in virtual debate, Hurricane Delta on path to...

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the final debate, slated for Oct. 15, will be virtual.

What we’re reading: Final presidential debate, cold front coming to Fort Worth

Trump and Biden wrapped up their final debate last night, while a cold front makes its way to North Texas.

Birthright citizenship is part of immigration debate

Citizenship by birth has been under debate since Trump took office, but can there be any change?

What we’re reading: Controversy in D.C.

Today, we’ve got an update on the last of the midterm elections, an ex-Trump campaign advisor accused of lying, and a major cut to the U.S. job market.

Russia re-elects Putin for fourth term in controversial election

Putin won in a landslide, with nearly 77 percent of votes cast in his favor, according to Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) data.

What we’re reading: Shake It Up feat. elections

Far-right Brazilian candidate wins presidential election, Angela Merkel plans to leave politics at end of term and latest news on President Trump and the midterm elections.

What we’re reading: Obama campaigns for Biden, University of Michigan imposes a stay-at-home order

Former President Barack Obama campaigned for Joe Biden, while the University of Michigan issued a lockdown.

What we’re reading: Trump visits the border

We’re back and we’re reading – everything from “The Washington Post” to the “The New York Times.” We’re trying to help you keep up...


What we’re reading: Major shootings take place over Easter weekend, Florida...

Mass shootings over Easter weekend take place across the United States, missiles strike Lviv, Ukraine and more of what we're reading.

What We’re Reading: New York COVID-19 cases on the rise, Ukraine...

COVID-19 cases rise in New York, Russian warship damaged by missile strike and more of what we're reading.
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