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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

What we’re reading: Jimmy Carter hospitalized, Disney+ launches

President Jimmy Carter to undergo surgery after a recent fall, Supreme Court is set to hear DACA arguments.

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a hot topic in the news lately, so here are some common questions answered.

Biden defeats Trump, becomes president-elect

TCU 360 staff is following national, state and Tarrant County elections. Elections will be called according to the Associated Press.

What we’re reading: A first for Chicago

Today's aggregation features stories fro Chicago electing its newest mayor to a proposition for new fluoride standards to be set for bottled water.

Students encourage others to vote in this year’s presidential election

TCU students are preparing to vote in the upcoming election.

What we’re reading: Trump won’t participate in virtual debate, Hurricane Delta on path to...

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the final debate, slated for Oct. 15, will be virtual.

What we’re reading: Gov. Abbott issues order on vaccine passports, McConnell warns big business

The governor's order comes as a number of private companies have begun developing the passports.

What we’re reading: father arrested after running cult out of daughter’s dorm, federal judge...

The father faces life in prison after being charged with nine counts of sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor and money laundering.

What we’re reading: There’s a first for everything

Today we’ve got an update on the Arizona Senate race, a new candidate for the 2020 presidency and an update on the California fire. 

Opinion: We need to stop defining politicians simply on their public speaking

From 'Murica to Obama's well-mastered pauses, speech has a great influence on voter's perceptions of candidates...for better or for worse.


What we’re reading: Biden threatens Russia with sanctions, Chile legalizes same-sex...

US announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics, Hawaii issues a state of emergency due to winter storm, Chile legalizes same-sex marriage and more in what we're reading.

What we’re reading: DOJ sues Texas, US diplomats boycotting Winter Olympics

U.S. diplomats to boycott 2022 Winter Olympics over genocide, DOJ sues Texas over discriminatory voting maps, and more.
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