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Friday, September 24, 2021

What we’re reading: Apologies from Apple

Today, we’ve got the U.S. pulling out of a nuclear treaty, weather relief in the near future, and apologies from Apple.

What we’re Reading: Johnson & Johnson agree to settle in major opioid lawsuit

The pharmaceutical company is the fourth drugmaker to settle in the multi-state opioid trial.

Texas could halt campus voting sites

The law was signed in September and removes the use of temporary early-voting sites that TCU has hosted in the past.

Tale of Two Spies

We're back and we're reading - everything from the "New York Times" to the "Wall Street Journal." We're trying to help you keep up...

What we’re reading: To the moon and back

Some Texans fooled into opening “junk mail” ⋆ How much fake news can you detect a day? ⋆ Tesla CEO being sued over tweet ⋆ Japanese billionaire purchased every seat on SpaceX flight to moon ⋆ “Generous nation” to lower refugee flows to 30,000 in 2019 ⋆ U.S./China tariff negotiations ⋆

Time is running out to avoid a government shutdown

The government has until midnight to avoid a shutdown. If they can't prevent it, here's what it would affect the day to day.

What we’re reading: Joe Biden has narrow lead in uncalled states, COVID-19 numbers reach...

Joe Biden has a narrow lead in some states as votes continue to be counted, and the U.S. is setting records for daily new COVID-19 cases.

What we’re reading: Trump addresses coronavirus, 5 killed in Wisconsin shooting

The president tasked Vice President Mike Pence with handling the administration's response to the virus.

What we’re reading: Another place of worship attacked 

Today, we have a threat from Attorney General Barr, a shooting at Poway Synagogue, and a big endorsement for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

What we’re reading: Deaths rise in coronavirus outbreak; GOP doesn’t have the votes to...

A minimum of four Republican Senators would have to vote with the Democratic minority to allow for witnesses in President Trump's ongoing impeachment trial.


What we’re reading: U.N. Conference on climate change and COVID-19, Trudeau...

The United Nations met in NYC, Justin Trudeau won his third election for Canadian Prime Minister, Koalas risk extinction and the hunt for Brian Laundrie continues.

What we’re reading: U.S. to require coronavirus vaccination for new immigrants,...

New immigrants entering the United States will have to get vaccinated, the state of Arizona is suing the Biden Administration and more in what we're reading.
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