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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

TCU Activists, Boschini clash over demands for immigrant students

Members of the TCU community gather together to voice their stories and immigration reform demands.

TCU visiting scholar continues campus conversation on immigration

The Mar. 5 deadline for Congress to address Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA,) is just around the corner and students are in on the conversation.

Never Stop Nancy: house minority leader delivers 8 hour speech on immigration

Pelosi set a new record for longest continuous speech delivered in the House.

Opinion: Why I am thankful for my liberal friends, family

I think that if more people were surrounded by loved ones that thought differently than them, there would be more discussions and less yelling, more love and less hate, and more change and less backtracking.

PolitiTalk: FBI memo, 2018 agenda, Dr. Grant Ferguson

The latest episode of PolitiTalk.

Three potentially political moments at the 2018 Super Bowl

Yeah, there's football, but there's also politics.

Bipartisan house group proposes latest plan for DACA reform as deadline moves closer

A House group thinks they have the DACA solution, but can it get passed in before the March 5 deadline?

The definitely not a drinking game to the SOTU

The annual State of the Union is almost upon us. This will be President Donald Trump's first SOTU and the buzz is growing as many...

Opinion: the Obamacare individual mandate and its inevitable end

An explanation of what is the Obamacare Individual Mandate and why it's death was a win for America.

Fort Worth mayor attends White House meeting amid sanctuary city debate

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price attended the meeting in D.C. despite several other mayors refusing to show as a protest against the administration's stance on sanctuary cities.


Judge Peter Cahill via AP News

What we’re reading: Request to sequester denied in Chauvin trial, Michigan’s...

Derek Chauvin trial for request to sequester denied.

What we’re reading: Protests in Minnesota after officer-involved shooting, new COVID-19...

The protests occurred after an officer shot a man less than 10 miles from the location George Floyd died.
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