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Opinion: In spite of negotiations, containment should stay first priority

North Korea is now a nuclear power and once a nation crosses that threshold, they have no incentive to return. The United States must accept that.

Russia re-elects Putin for fourth term in controversial election

Putin won in a landslide, with nearly 77 percent of votes cast in his favor, according to Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) data.

WATCH: Former Chief of Staff for Obama talks Trump administration, Democrats, liberal arts education

Denis McDonough said Gen. John Kelly needed to act like the "team captain" in the White House.

Opinion: We need to stop defining politicians simply on their public speaking

From 'Murica to Obama's well-mastered pauses, speech has a great influence on voter's perceptions of candidates...for better or for worse.

Opinion: Why we should focus on America’s educational system

If we are going to “make America great again” we need to focus on our education system.

Opinion: Beto won’t beat Ted in senate race

If you never left our little corner of Fort Worth, also known as the “TCU Bubble,” it might seem as though the outcome of...

Breakdown: Cambridge Analytica, information warfare

A brief explainer on all that Cambridge Analytica talk you're hearing.

West Wing woes: Trump administration sees record high employee turnover

The president insists there is not chaos and that "they all want a piece of that Oval office."

Aspiring Texas politician talks diversity, criminal justice reform at TCU

Brooke López was 15 when she wrote the wording for Nahum’s Law after the two murderers of her friend Nahum Rodriguez were tried as minors.

Primary election results signal changes for the Democratic Party

Democrats gained momentum Tuesday with increased voter turnout from the last primaries four years ago, while Republicans saw little change in turnout.


What we’re reading: Major shootings take place over Easter weekend, Florida...

Mass shootings over Easter weekend take place across the United States, missiles strike Lviv, Ukraine and more of what we're reading.

What We’re Reading: New York COVID-19 cases on the rise, Ukraine...

COVID-19 cases rise in New York, Russian warship damaged by missile strike and more of what we're reading.
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