Women make history in the 2018 midterms

More women ran for government in the 2018 midterms than ever before. What motivated them to run and win?

What we’re Reading: Johnson & Johnson agree to settle in major opioid lawsuit

The pharmaceutical company is the fourth drugmaker to settle in the multi-state opioid trial.

PolitiTalk 9/10/19

Tarrant County GOP's executive director joins the show to discuss the upcoming presidential debate.

Who’s who on the ballot

Check out the candidates on the ballot before heading to the polls tomorrow.

Midterm results signal leftward shift for Tarrant County

The nation's largest Republican leaning urban county saw Democrats edge closer in local, state, and national races and could provide a roadmap for success in 2020.

Changes to Endangered Species Act scrutinized by activists

Changes to the Endangered Species Act allow the government to consider the economic benefits of species.

O’Rourke urges unity during Grand Prairie rally

O'Rourke held the rally at the same time as President Trump's event in Dallas, only 13 miles away.

New Texas gun laws go into effect day after mass shooting in West Texas

The new laws loosen restrictions on when and where guns can be carried in a number of public places.

Most print reporters barred from Trump-Kim dinner in Vietnam

The White House barred four reporters from attending a dinner between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un after reporters shouted questions at the president.

Digital Warfare: Russia’s Attacks on Democracy

Laptop computer with Facebook logo on screen
Russia uses digital media as a weapon to attack Western democracy and influence public perception globally.


What we’re reading: Tornado touches down and leaves damage in North...

Sunday night's severe weather left destruction throughout areas of North Texas.

What we’re reading: Most Texas House members disapprove of Trump’s Syria...

House Democrats attempting to make college affordable and an attempt to use technology to limit drunk driving also found in headlines today.
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