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TCU News Now

TCU News Now

TCU News Now is the award-winning student-produced newscast from the Schieffer College Department of Journalism. News Now has been around since 2004. Newscasts run continuously on TCU campus cable.

News Now 12/11/19

This week on TCU News Now, an update on the latest details regarding the Trump impeachment inquiry and what you need to know for this year's early flu season.

TCU News Now 8/26/20

This week on TCU News Now: Hurricane Laura approaches the Gulf Coast; TCU releases a new COVID-19 dashboard to track cases; and an update on Fort Worth's mask ordinance.
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TCU News Now 11/11/2020

This week on TCU News Now: COVID-19 cases are on the rise at TCU. Plus, the impact safety changes at TCU are having on students' physical health.

TCU’s diversity falls middle of the road compared to peer institutions

The university had its most diverse student body ever this year, but is continuing to push for more.

NewsNow Election Edition: 12:02 a.m.

NewsNow anchor Marissa Stacy will be going live hourly with election updates throughout the night.
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TCU News Now 10/28/2020

This week: COVID-19 cases surge in Europe and U.S.; undecided voters at TCU talk about the election; and how to stay safe this Halloween during COVID-19.
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News Now 3/4/2020

Results from Super Tuesday: who's in, who's out and what comes next. Also, fallout from the coronavirus outbreak is growing. How health officials and TCU are keeping people safe.
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News Now 4/10/20

On this episode of TCU News Now: How COVID-19 is impacting Easter; what some small companies are doing to stay in business; and a TCU alumna stepping up to help fight the pandemic.
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News Now 3/27/20

An update on commencement, new numbers on COVID-19 and the song that's making a comeback for a good cause.

News Now 1/21

On TCU News Now, we're following breaking news on a lawsuit filed against the university.
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