Fort Worth Zoo, huge attraction for spring break

With spring break approaching, the Fort Worth Zoo is a popular attraction for families to enjoy the outdoors across 64 acres. In 2009, the zoo hit an estimated record of 25,804 guests. Due to large numbers of guests over

Texas-bound Hicks leads Martin over Paschal

 The Arlington Martin Warriors beat the Paschal Panthers 63-9 on Thursday night.

Wine store begins reconstruction after car crashes into it

Repairs to the entrance of a local wine store go under way after car crash.

Slideshow: Transmission at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts highlights the progress of TCU’s Master of Fine Arts degree students each year through an exhibition called Transmission.

Transmission, w

The egrets are among us

The Tanglewood Neighborhood Association (TNA) is hosting an “Egret Prevention Party” at Central Market on Sunday at noon. Topics of discussion will include the damage caused by the egrets’ presence and how to prevent them from nesting

Truckin’ on the Trinity

Trucks park side-by-side at a spot along the Trinity Trails to offer runners more than a water break.

Named for its location on the Trinity River, the newly opened Clearfork Food Park is Fort Worth’s third food park and the first

TCU brings weekend parties to campus, out of the 109

A TCU program seeks to provide weekend entertainment for students on campus while reducing partying in surrounding neighborhoods.

TheEnd, which began this semester, hosts Friday and Saturday night events including movie screeni

Flu Frenzy

The flu is in full effect around the metroplex taking a toll on student absences.

“We have definitely seen a large impact in school,” Westcliff principal Sara Gillaspie said. “Our secretaries have been tracking attendance nu

Bent on winning with lucky No. 14

What are you voting for Tuesday?

Tarrant County has had three elections since the start of 2013, and in each election, under seven percent of registered voters cast a ballot. 

On Nov. 5, Tarrant County voters will have another chance to cast their ballots from 7 a.m. to

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