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Stories about news in the 76109 area code

Scary no more: Berry Street reinvents itself

FORT WORTH—“They used to call it Scary Berry,” a business owner in the 109 said.

Rick Kubes, an owner of Kubes Jewelers in the 2700 block of West Berry, said Be

Technology plays important role in elementary school libraries

It's the dawn of a new era for public school libraries.

Books still play a major role in elementary education, but new advancements in technology are changing the game.

At two 109 elementary schools, the people who bring books to life f

Is the Log Cabin Village home to the 109’s best-known ghosts?

Editor's note: Don't go looking for ghosts after hours at Foster Cabin or anywhere else at Log Cabin Village. If you want to visit the ghosts, do it in the daytime and buy a ticket. The Log Cabin Village is owned by the City o

Local musician loves to entertain Fort Worth, Texas

George Miadis is a self-described up-and-coming musician who is all about the Fort Worth area. You can find him playing familiar tunes at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop on 3058 S. University Drive or performing with his band at the Aardvark at 2905 W. Berr

St. Andrew shows appreciation for parents

St. Andrew thanked parents for hard work put into the preparation and planning of St. Andrew’s annual Fall Festival. A wildcat weekend “Booth Chair Thank You” ice cream social was held on Sunday, October 17.

This event allowe

Slideshow: St. Andrew Catholic School 2010 Fall Festival

Competition and Congregations: Rivalry in the Fort Worth Jewish Community

When it comes to religion, and Judaism in particular, the bottom line is brand loyalty, said Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger of the Beth-El Synagogue.

The 109’s two Jewish congregations, the Ahavath Sholom and Beth-El synagogues are .14 miles a

St. Andrew begins Spanish instruction before first grade

Filing in one by the one, students enter the classroom, which immediately fills with noise.

“Silencio,” calls out Spanish teacher Lourdes Nedrelow as she directs the attention of her students to the chalkboard. Once she has gained

City has no solution for flooding in the 109

When many homes in the 109 and surrounding ZIP codes were built in the 1920s and 1930s, the drainage system built to control flooding was not planned with growth in mind.

Greg Simmons, the city’s storm water manager, said the system worke

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