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St. Andrew begins Spanish instruction before first grade

Filing in one by the one, students enter the classroom, which immediately fills with noise.

“Silencio,” calls out Spanish teacher Lourdes Nedrelow as she directs the attention of her students to the chalkboard. Once she has gained

City has no solution for flooding in the 109

When many homes in the 109 and surrounding ZIP codes were built in the 1920s and 1930s, the drainage system built to control flooding was not planned with growth in mind.

Greg Simmons, the city’s storm water manager, said the system worke

How the city's budget cuts affect the 109

Residents of the 109 will not see any specific cuts in service and the taxes will not be raised because of the new $1.3 billion budget unanimously approved Sept. 21 for the 2011 fiscal year, Councilman W.B. “Zim” Zimmerman said.


Boo at the Zoo can now feature you

Boo at the Zoo has expanded to offer daytime hours plus more animals.

The biggest change at Boo at the Zoo is the new daytime hours. The event runs from noon to 5 p.m. on Oct 22-24 and Oct 29-31.

This change was brought on after the zoo

Watershed meeting leaves residents dissatisfied

Many concerned citizens came to the Forest Park/Berry and Central Arlington Heights watershed meeting expecting answers, and left disappointed.

The Storm Water Management program announced that they still do not have a solution for flooding in

Slideshow: Westcliff Back to School Picnic

Westcliff Elementary held their annual Back to School Picnic on September 23, 2010. Families were invited to bring their own picnic and join in the festivities.  Westcliff Elementary Safety Patrol presented the colors. Westcliff's physical-educati

Check out our red light camera database

As part of our recent story on red light cameras, we're releasing an interactive database that will let you see every red light camera in Fort Wort

Safety or privacy? Red light cameras and the 109

Caitlin Cecil rushed out the door, jumped in her car and headed to work.

She didn't have much time to make it to her job across town as she turned out onto South Hulen Street off Granbury Road. She was heading northbound on South Hulen approach

Slideshow: Fort Worth Ideas launch party

A crowd of almost 100 Fort Worth residents gathered at Grady's Restaurant in the 109 on Tuesday for the Bring Your Own Ideas launch party. The event , hosted by former councilwoman Cathy Hirt, was a kick-off for the new organization Fort Worth Ideas, a

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