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The Skiff: Digital Issues

The Skiff: Digital Issues

The Skiff, established in 1902, is the official student newspaper of Texas Christian University. It is published on Thursdays during the fall and spring semesters. Printed copies can be picked up at newsstands all over campus and in off-campus businesses near the university. All content from the Skiff is posted on TCU 360.

The Skiff: Sept. 19, 2019

Volume 118, Issue 4: Officers monitor crosswalks Also: libraries reimagined, a preview of the SMU game, a new animal policy

The Skiff: Sept. 12, 2019

Volume 118, Issue 1: DEI is important to new provost Also: vaping causes concerns

The Skiff : April 24, 2019

Volume 117, Issue 28: Former provost reflects on his time as provost and the monuments built around campus. Also: Where the best places...

The Skiff: Oct. 10, 2019

Volume 118, Issue 6: Fort Worth PD cracks down on house parties Also: Moehrig is a top Big 12 safety, Alcohol violations, retiring GOP...

The Skiff: April 11, 2019

Volume 117, Issue 26: Road to opioid abuse: the prescription drug crisis. Also: a local boy's drive to help others regain hearing, a look...

The Skiff: May 2, 2019

Volume 117, Issue 29: Welcome class of 2023. Also: Making the first year count, great places to eat around campus, staying healthy on campus, and...

The Skiff: March 7, 2019

Volume 117, Issue 22: A new homeland: A special report on the refugee crisis. Also: The search for a new quarterback narrows to...

The Skiff: April 18,2019

Volume 117, Issue 27: SGA presidential runoff with higher than usual voter turnout. Also, a new coalition forms on campus to combat sexual assault,...

The Skiff: April 4, 2019

Volume 117, Issue 25: A hard loss for the horned frogs as UT ends TCU's run in the NIT. Also: a local organization hopes...

The Skiff: Orientation Edition

Volume 116, Issue 29: Welcome Class of 2022 Also: Where to eat when hunger hits, Tips on sharing a room, To bring or not to bring - Pack this not that, What is TCU Style?, Dealing with sickness in college, What to wear on football game days, and Common Reading: Ready Player One
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