High school students painting, drawing and more at TCU Art Academy


    High School students are on campus this week learning art as if they were in a professional studio.

    Over the course of ten days, students can learn drawing, painting, 3D art like ceramics and more during the workshop in Moudy North.

    On the 11th day, they will get to showcase their art to friends and family.

    Heather Owens, a drawing student, said the experience helps her a lot.

    "With our AP (Advanced Placement) portfolio, we have to have 24 pieces, and that's a lot," she said. "Anything I do here I'll add on."

    Kyle Clark, the drawing instructor, said he specifically helps get more pieces of art for the students' portfolios.

    "I try to get them something that's pretty quick," Clark said. "They still get some good tips on drawing, learning how to measure, and etcetera."

    Some students have been in the program for multiple years. Owens, who is in her 5th year, said it's still rewarding for her.

    "I never get bored from it. It's just a real fun program," she said.

    Students also gets personal help on writing an artist statement to include in their exhibit at the end of the program. This lets them describe their work and themselves as an artist.

    "Every year it's interesting to see how far they come in two weeks," Clark said.

    Including materials, the program cost about $300.