Parallel parking is its own problem


    As if parking weren’t bad enough.

    We should be dedicated to helping one another overcome the perils of parking, rather than placing obstacles in each other’s paths. It’s happened to all of us. You clear the nearest stop sign just in time to catch a glimpse of the perfect spot — shining in the distance along the street of the building of your first class. You pull up to the spot, prepared to impress the average onlookers with your parallel parking prowess, when reality sets in. You will never have that spot. Why? The vehicle in front of or behind your perfect spot has chosen to haphazardly rush through their parking job, crushing your hopes of cruising into that flawless space.

    Why does this happen? Are some people really so impressed with their luck at finding one of these coveted street spots that they feel entitled to treat themselves to a double scoop of street? When did a street spot become a sign of the parking hierarchy? Here we are, as students, constantly having to park four blocks down Lubbock and we find a fellow student has ruined what had potential to be the most rewarding event of our day by being a sloppy parker.

    It’s simply got to stop. This failure to observe basic parking etiquette is one of the unspoken travesties here at TCU.

    Scoot up, scoot back — do whatever you have to do in order to be a worthy parallel parker. Just don’t be so self-important that you think that your car, be it Beemer or Pinto, deserves such opulent parking.