New south endzone might affect kicking game


    The TCU football team is unsure how one particular change to the stadium will affect play this season until the first home game,, head coach Gary Patterson said.

    The north end zone of Amon G. Carter Stadium, once open, will now be closed off and even Patterson isn’t sure what to make of it

    “I wish I knew something about the end zone, but I’ve never played in it with that north end,” Patterson said. “The wind usually blows from the south, so I don’t know if it will affect the game.”

    Patterson is not sure if the closed off end zone will have a positive or negative effect during the home games.

    “I won’t know that until we play in it,” Patterson said.

    While Patterson is unsure of the end zone’s effect on the kicking game, senior punter Anson Kelton does not think it will be harmful.

    Kelton said the closed off north end zone will prevent wind from negatively affecting the game.

    “That (closed-off endzone) helps knock off a lot of wind,” Kelton said. “Sometimes bowls like that can create a swirl, but I don’t think it will have a big effect,” .

    The Frogs will find out for sure Sept. 17 when they host The University of Louisiana at Monroe in their home debut.