Frogs CARE sponsors alcohol and drug awareness programs


    Frogs Committed to Advocacy, Responsibility, and Education (Frogs CARE) is a program sponsored by the TCU Alcohol and Drug Education Center  that recruits TCU students to help educate their peers on alcohol and drug awareness.

    Yvonne Giovanis, the Associate Director for the Alcohol and Drug Center , oversees the program and was working to promote awareness with the help of TCU students,

    “Peer education is considered one of the best practices when it comes to doing health education of any kind on a campus community,” she said.

    Although the program started before her tenure at TCU in 2005, Giovanishas helped it become a more concrete organization within the past year.

    “There wasn’t a clear organization specifically for peer education,” she explained. “We decided to make a clean break and start over last year.”

    Students involved in the program go to different organizations such as fraternity and sorority houses, student organizations, and residents halls to give presentations to promote alcohol and drug awareness, Giovanis said. 

    The process for joining the program requires applicants to be a current TCU student and be able to commit for at least two semesters, Giovanis said.

    Junior psychology major Nina Maloney applied for the program her freshman year after reading about it in an email. 

    Maloney said the application was simple, and similar to a real job application. After review of her application, Maloney’s  next step was  an interview with Giovanis.

    Once students are accepted into the program, they are required to attend weekly meetings and an initial training retreat, Giovanis said.

    On her first  retreat, she and the other members played games that were centered on awareness about drugs and alcohol, Maloney said. They  were also taught how to perform  one-on-one conversations with students who needed help, although she has never personally had to, Maloney said.  

    One of Giovanis’ goals for the program is to eventually become a formally recognized organization, which requires ten members consistently every year. Besides being formally recognized, Giovanis said she would like to have students return to build on expertise and help the program grow.

    If interested in becoming a part of the Peer Education Program, go to the Frogs CARE  website or contact Yvonne Giovanis.