The Purple Poll


    Blake Brown
    Sophomore Business Major

    “I was in my fourth grade class when I found out about 9/11 and they made us call our parents to come pick us up.”

    Emily Rassieur
    Junior Marketing Major

    “I was at school and my school decided not to tell any of the students. My parents didn’t take me out of school and I didn’t hear about anything that happened until I was in the car on the way back home. I got in the car and my sister was screaming about what happened, and I got scared.”

    Megan Cowne
    Junior Biology and English Double Major

    “On 9/11 I was in the middle of a school assembly. Our principal came up to the front and announced that we needed to have a moment of silence for all the victims of the attacks. We watched all the coverage on TV and my mom came and got me early from school. My dad had been on a flight to New York in the middle of all that happened, so his plane had been grounded. She wanted to bring me home so I wouldn’t be scared.”

    Samantha Humbert
    Junior Fashion Merchandising Major

    “I was in school, and I remember the teachers turning on the TV and saying something really bad happened. We watched the news and then we had no more school after that.”