Stafford, McCoy among young quarterbacks to keep eye on in week one


    With the NFL kicking off this week, we can finally begin to analyze fantasy football on a week-to-week basis. Now, instead of using projected points or a specific statistical benchmark, I’m just going to talk about guys I’m high or low on.

    As a disclaimer, nothing here I say is absolute. It’s up to you to trust me or not, so if I’m wrong and it costs you a win, don’t come hunting me down. If I’m wrong, I will publicly humiliate myself in this column the following week.

    As always, use your brain and start your studs. Just because I hate Ray Rice and love Marshawn Lynch doesn’t mean you bench Rice for Lynch. It just means that I don’t like Rice’s matchup this week and that I think this could be a big week for Lynch and if you are deciding between him and another player in his range, I’d go with Lynch.

    Alright, week one. Let’s dive in!

    Guys, I’m high on:

    Matthew Stafford, QB DET @ TB – Stafford looked unstoppable through the preseason and will continue going into the regular season. Tampa Bay has an above average secondary with Aqib Talib and Ronde Barber, but I don’t think they will able to contain Calvin Johnson amongst their other speedy receiving corps.

    Joseph Addai, RB IND @ HOU – Peyton Manning being out doesn’t help anyone on the Colts, except maybe Joseph Addai. The Colts pass more and run less than just about anyone in the league with Manning under center. But with “game manager” Kerry Collins starting, I’m looking for the Colts to run it with Addai.

    Colt McCoy, QB CLE vs CIN – Cincinnati looks bad. They lost too many key players this offseason and didn’t bring in enough talent on the defensive side of the ball. Cleveland looks good. McCoy has adapted to the west coast style of offense and looks like he could have himself a very good year, starting with what could be the worst defense in football.

    Vincent Jackson, WR SD vs. MIN – San Diego is another team that passes it a lot, and with a guy like Philip Rivers, I don’t blame you. Jackson is one of their biggest targets in the passing game, and going up an ageing and declining Minnesota defense, I have no reason to believe Jackson won’t have a good game.

    Frank Gore, RB SF vs. SEA – Frank Gore is a beast. If he can stay healthy throughout an entire season, he is easily one of the best running backs in the league. Not to mention, their passing attack isn’t exactly scary. Going up against a Seattle defense in transition, Gore could put up huge numbers.

    Guys, I’m low on:

    Ray Rice, RB BAL vs. PIT – I like Rice a lot this year, just not against the Pittsburgh defense. The Steelers show time and time again that they stop the run, and this week should be no different. Rice has struggled against the Steelers in the past and I don’t see him breaking the streak this week.

    Felix Jones, RB DAL vs. NYJ – Jones is another running back I like a lot this year. But the Jets defense is too good for this budding star. I can see him having a decent game, but not the game everyone wants and expects from him.

    Kevin Kolb, QB ARI vs. CAR – Kolb is going up a very underrated defense this week in Carolina. A lot of people look at the Panthers and assume that they are a bad team because there are so many problems on the offensive side of the ball. Not true, their defense was one of the best against the pass last season and they had no notable losses on the defensive side  during the offseason.

    LeGarrette Blount, RB TB vs. DET – Ndamukong Suh. ‘Nuff Said. Actually, the entire Detroit defense looks better than it did last year and I could see this being a tough matchup for the sophomore running back.

    Any IND WR @ HOU – Peyton Manning is out,  Collins is in. The only pass catcher I want on the Colts is Dallas Clark. I don’t expect any of the other receivers will do anything against a revamped secondary in Houston.

    Judge Howell is a junior strategic communication major from Plano, TX.