Snow! In Texas?: Freeze Fest welcomes back students


    More than 600 students chunked snowballs at their friends, created rainbow color wax hands and got free Little Mermaid and frog balloons Wednesday at Frog Freeze Fest, Programming Council’s spring welcome back party.

    The big excitement was when 50,000 pounds of imported snow was poured onto part of the lawn in front of the Student Center, said Jennifer Darilek, who directed the welcome back party for PC.

    “Chancellor Boschini was playing in the snow and said the welcome back party was a good idea,” Darilek said.

    PC threw the $7,000 party to get students excited about the semester, PC Vice President Sebastian Moleski said.

    Students jumped in line to have their face digitally imposed on Baywatch beauties and celebrity bodies. Others waited their turn to get an airbrushed tattoo of flowers, birds and other designs. Some students “flew” an enclosed 360-degree M-4 flight simulator.

    Cookies, ice water and hot chocolate sat atop the tables in the Student Center Lounge.

    Freshman biology major Margaret Oyeneken smiled after sticking her latex-covered hand into the canister of blue and red wax.

    “The waxed hand booth was my favorite activity because I created a momento to keep,” Oyeneken said.

    Oyeneken said she enjoyed the party and how PC publicized for the event.

    “Everywhere I turned, I saw a sign or received an e-mail about Frog Freeze,” she said.

    Last year’s spring welcome back party was in the University Recreation Center, celebrating the opening of the center, Moleski said.

    Moleski said the welcome back party cost as much as last years’.

    “The party is a good experience because it is not too crowded or too cold,” Darilek said. “Students have the option to go outside in the snow or come inside the Student Center.”

    “Frog Freeze was a great booster for Programming Council and I hope that we can do this next year,” said Darilek, a junior speech pathology major.