Some free Scantrons unusable, SGA says


    Blue Scantrons distributed by the Student Government Association cannot be scanned and will not work on tests, SGA leaders wrote in an e-mail to the student body Wednesday evening. The Scantrons have been available for free in the Mary Couts Burnett Library as part of an SGA initiative that began last semester.

    This semester, SGA began offering blue Scantrons as well in response to student demand. SGA President Jackie Wheeler and Vice President Brett Anderson advised students who had already picked up the blue Scantrons not to use them on tests.

    The green version of the test answer sheets are compatible with TCU scanners and will continue to work.

    “SGA will continue to offer green Scantrons at the library and will discontinue the distribution of forms that don’t work,” Wheeler and Anderson wrote in the e-mail. “We know that this is a very valuable service for students, and we hope to eventually offer a wider variety of forms.”

    The unscannable test sheets can be exchanged for the correct version at the library, the e-mail stated. All students must return the blue Scantrons to receive the correct version.