Cavins-Tull: Priorities are improving housing and mental health on campus


    TCU Welcomes New Vice Chancellor, Kathy Cavins-Tull.

    Midwesterner Kathy Cavins-Tull has replaced Don Mills as the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at TCU. 

    Cavins-Tull started her new position on July 1st and joined a group of 30 freshmen at Frog Camp in London as her first order of business.

    “I wondered whether or not the chancellor thought that was a good idea if I just come to campus, throw my stuff down, and head to London.  He was so supportive and knows what a great program it is.  So, I loved it,” said Cavins-Tull.

    In addition to getting to know students and faculty, Cavins-Tull was faced with more serious issues early on in the job.  With the start of the new school year, came two cases of sexual assault and one attempted case.

    “It’s hard for campus administrators and police where young people are making decisions about relationships… Decisions as they revolve around your body and your space can be life-changers. 

    So we know that we want students to be safe, we want all students to feel healthy, and that this is their campus and they are safe to be here,” said Cavins-Tull.

    Despite the uneasy beginning to Cavins-Tull’s first semester at TCU, this former Illinois University graduate and Illinois Wesleyan dean of students has maintained a positive outlook for the rest of the year.  Cavins-Tull assured that she is “Horned Frogs all the way” and is excited for the 2011-2012 football season.

    Cavins-Tull attended both the Connections group with the freshmen and an intercom meeting with student leaders on the second week of the new semester.  Her attendance at these events along with the London Frog Camp is part of her effort to get to know students, she said. 

    Cavins-Tull shared some words of wisdom for the freshmen class and warns that college “goes by really fast.”

    “Take advantage of everything,” Cavins-Tull advised freshmen, “but first they have to be students because in order to be here, they have to keep their grades up and study hard and get engaged in their classroom activities.  Then, in order to get the whole TCU experience, they have to get involved outside of the classroom and take advantage of the social opportunities, leadership opportunities, and also enjoy our sports teams and campus life a little bit too.”

    In an August publication of TCU Magazine, Cavins-Tull explained her two goals she is focusing on for her first year at TCU.  She said her two main priorities are the issue of student housing and helping improve mental health on campus. 

    Cavins-Tull said she plans to fix these issues by having faculty and staff that interact with students go through training program “that helps identify signs of distress and refers students to counseling,” she said.  As for the housing, Cavins-Tull said that plans for new residence halls are “in the works.”