Highs and lows for NFL players


    A lot of things were made clear after an exciting week one in the NFL: Tom Brady is crazy good, the Steelers offensive line looks terrible and Mike Tolbert is going to be a huge playmaker for the San Diego Chargers. But week one is over, and we are on to week two. So here you go, the guys I’m high and low on for week 2:

    Guys I’m High On
    Matt Forte RB CHI @ NO – The Saints’ defense has been susceptible to the run over the past few seasons and didn’t look particularly strong against the Packers. Forte should be able to exploit the defense and, if this game turns into a shootout, Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler should look for him in the passing game.

    Ben Roethlisberger QB/Mike Wallace WR PIT vs. SEA – This duo didn’t get started out on the right foot last week against the Ravens. Well, Wallace did fine, but you all know how I feel about how Roethlisberger did. This week, Big Ben and Wallace go up against the Seattle Seahawks, who have some major holes in the secondary. Look for these two to bounce back in a huge way this week.

    Philip Rivers QB SD @ NE – We saw what average quarterback Chad Henne did against the Patriots’ defense last week, throwing for over 400 yards. I can only imagine that Philip Rivers will do well, at least 300 yards and a touchdown or two. Rivers doing well means that both Chargers’ tight end Antonio Gates and wide receiver Vincent Jackson are going to be targeted early and often this week.

    Matthew Stafford QB/Calvin Johnson WR DET vs. KC – Another quarterback and wide receiver duo I’m high on this week. I was high on Stafford last week and I’m high on him again as he and the Lions take on the Kansas City Chiefs. Last week, we saw Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills dominate the Chiefs’ secondary, so Stafford and Johnson will hook up early and often in this matchup.

    Guys I’m Low On
    Chad Ochocinco NE WR vs. SD – I really liked Ochocinco going into the season, and I still have faith he will be more productive than he was on Monday night. He seems lost in this complex offense and it could take a while for him to make a huge impact on this team. I don’t see him putting up huge numbers this week against a much better defense.

    LeGarrette Blount TB RB @ MIN – This is one that I’m going to beat my chest a little bit on. Blount had five rushes for 15 yards. I would have never expected him to do this poorly, but still called it. Now, I don’t expect him to have the same kind of lousy production this week, but the Vikings only gave up 77 yards rushing to a pretty prolific offense in last week’s matchup against San Diego.

    Any IND WR except Reggie Wayne vs. CLE – I’ll admit it on this one, I was wrong. Last week, I said to not touch any receiver on the Colts. Well, I take that back. Wayne had a good week last week. If you have him on your fantasy team, go ahead and start him. Don’t play any other Colts receiver.

    Eli Manning NYG QB vs. STL – Manning did not get off to a good start against the Redskins last week. His stats weren’t terrible, but no touchdowns and an interception doesn’t look good. There is also the possibility that he goes into the game without starting receiver Hakeem Nicks, and he didn’t seem to have a good chemistry with any of the other guys.