New dorms could solve housing crisis


    With conversations about the future of Worth Hills and the idea of new dorms, TCU housing is the talk of the town. But for a while, it was just an idea.

    For those of you who have been on the TCU campus for the past few years, you have seen Clark, Milton Daniel and Moncrief get makeovers. However, new residence halls were not in the picture.

    You may have started to wonder when we are going to expand and add additional housing other than buying more rooms from the GrandMarc.

    Now we finally have an answer.

    On Monday, the first phase of the Worth Hills Village project began. By August 2013, new residence halls will be located on the grassy knoll near Worth Hills.

    Additions to housing and new Greek halls could benefit not only Greek students but those who are not associated with a fraternity or sorority as well. Better rooms and nicer facilities could create a better experience for those who live in Worth Hills or rooms exceeding capacity.

    Additional housing would be a bonus because more housing means more room for students, and more space to relax and enjoy the college life. Right now, it is difficult for some to enjoy it because more students live on campus than there is space for them.

    Although the last phase of the project is scheduled to begin as late as August 2015, the creation of additional residence halls is a step in the right direction to create a better and more memorable housing experience for future Horned Frogs. 

    Ashley Monismith for the editorial board.