SuperFrog’s debut draws attention


    Yay! SuperFrog was in Nokia commercials with Snoop Dogg.

    Yay! The commercial was seen by 100 million people.

    Yay for TCU! And rah to administrators for putting TCU in the national spotlight during the Bowl Championship Series games.

    Why not be a part of the BCS glory if we weren’t playing in one of its bowl games?

    And who cares if Snoop Dogg was tried for murder. And blah, blah he likes girls, and maybe drugs.

    That has been long forgotten by the hip-hop industry and the rest of the world. It shouldn’t sour the university’s exposure.

    Sports fans and kiddies around the country awed. They dreamt about a day when they too could be one of us — proud horned frogs.

    TCU has not drastically sold its Christian values to the highest bidder. The university has seemingly been disassociating itself with that ‘C’ in its name for years.

    We don’t hear Texas Christian University very often, and neither do people around the nation.

    This is not coincidental. And it’s not like TCU markets itself as an extremely ‘Christian’ school. If it did, some of us wouldn’t be here.

    So forget Snoop Dogg’s scandals. SuperFrog was on during the Sugar Bowl.

    And that kind of publicity matters — yay!