Best movies:


    The year has produced many movies worthy of a “Best Movie” title by their name and while we could, but won’t, give credit for every good movie, these are among the top. I won’t apologize for not having any “Lord of the Rings” movie, I didn’t jump on the band wagon (I haven’t seen them) and for good reason!

    1. “Pirates of the Caribbean”
    2. “Last Samurai”
    3. “Love Actually”
    4. “Old School”
    5. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

    I never really liked Johnny Depp before but his sarcastic remarks and quirky movements in “Pirates of the Caribbean” has oddly made him more appealing, thus making the fantasy world of pirates a bit more exciting. The special effects weren’t bad either. “The Last Samurai” made me think about my own life and destiny. It pretty much made me realize how lazy I really am. Any movie that can make you evaluate your own life is worth something. The collection of modern, (very modern) love stories in “Love Actually” has to have made every girl swoon. If not Hugh Grant’s accent than some of the sweet ideas in it. Bonus points for any guy who’s seen it. Will Ferrell is hilarious in “Old School” and while anyone Greek can perhaps relate a bit more, who hasn’t quoted some line from that movie at one time or another? Every guys nightmare comes true in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” This movie either helped some girls relax by showing them as they are, or gave other girls good ideas of how to watch a guy squirm. Either way, very educational!