More options for late-night munchies


    Late-night cravings for hamburgers and mozzarella cheese sticks will be easier to satisfy now.

    Sodexho general manager Rick Flores said he decided to extend the hours of the Sunset Grill in The Main after a number of students complained about the variety of late-night options at Frogbytes.

    The Grill will now be open until 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.
    The idea was proposed by George Ferguson, House of Student Representatives dining services chairman.

    “I thought it would be nice if students had another option,” said Ferguson, a sophomore business major. Flores decided to extend the hours after 150 students attended a successful trial run in November and he realized students may want to eat healthier at a later time.

    “The complaint was not ‘we want to eat late night,’ but students want more to choose from,” said Bryant Currie, food services director of operations
    Flores said he only expects to break even on profit during the extended hours because 95 percent of students still eat between 5 and 8 p.m. However, the extension allows Sodexho to do more to satisfy the needs for students, Flores said.

    “Students can get grilled food they never had at Frogbytes,” he said.

    Meaghan Hertel, a junior finance major, said the later hours are beneficial for students who have night classes or work later. “It’s more convenient to swipe it on your card than going to Chili’s for a late dinner,” she said.

    Students can also use the space longer for studying and congregating with friends, Currie said.

    “We have built it, you have to come,” Currie said.