Your View: America will be better off with the current health care system


    Brian Chatman’s column supporting national health care was built not only on faulty premises and half-truths, but satires the right with as much grace as an elephant in tights.

    Mr. Chatman first asks, “Hasn’t the government provided services to minimize unemployment and provide a safety net for those who have lost their jobs?” This question is directed to only a portion of the dilemma under examination. Mr. Chatman has turned a blind eye toward the second, much larger half of the welfare state. Since the New Deal, America bleeds nearly a third of our national budget into a vast welfare culture.

    Mr. Chatman also mentions how the government regulates business “to preserve competition and ensure standards of quality and work conditions.” However, our friendly national government produces the most inefficient and profitless conditions whenever it has the chance to meddle in the business and lives of its people.

    I assert that we are not well served in power, education, welfare and business regulation by our government, and if we cede more of the health care industry to the oversight of bureaucrats and politicians we will live to rue that day. Mr. Chatman ought to glance across our borders to Canada’s messy, costly and inefficient health care system, and if he likes what he sees, he ought to emigrate. America would be better off without his mindless vote.

    Erza Hood is a junior music composition major.