Hollywood pitches no-hitters


    “Seabiscuit” was a true story, and while I guess I don’t mind horses, I quickly got bored. Perhaps a human who thinks he’s an elf is a better story line. Or maybe not. I think Will Ferrell is a hilarious actor, but his potential for more laughs was stifled by the PG-13 movie “Elf.” Kids just can’t appreciate him like we do. Throughout “Mystic River” I wanted to get up and sing “Footloose” or “Let’s Hear it for the Boy.” I got the same sensation during “Apollo 13” which makes me think Kevin Bacon should have just stopped back then. And while I love crime, dramas and mysteries, this one left me without thrill and wanting to sing musicals instead. And while I like the first “Bad Boys,” there should not be sequels. Nothing’s ever as good as the original. Matt Damon must not have consulted his agent before “Stuck on You.” It was just too sappy for a Farrelly brothers film.