Must-not-see TV lineup


    Another year has come and gone, and with it over 17,500 30-minute television time slots … per channel. These slots were filled with some great shows, unfortunately, along with many not so great shows. So grab your potato chips and a Coke as we look back on 2003 through the small screen.

    Grab a DVD instead
    (Worst shows):
    1. “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” (CBS)
    2. “The Sharon Osbourne Show” (WB)
    3. “Elimidate”/ “5th Wheel” (WB)
    4. “Jackass” (MTV)
    5. “I'm With Her” (ABC)

    First, I would like to make it clear that keeping a previously successful show on the air for years after its prime is not ever going to be good programming. Secondly, creating “The Sharon Osbourne Show” from the popularity of the family show … are you kidding me? And finally, all “Elimidate”-esque shows should be banned from the airways forever. They are quite possibly the worst shows ever produced.

    Not even funny
    (Worst comedies):
    1. “Everybody Loves Raymond” (CBS)
    2. “Frasier” (NBC)
    3. “The Osbournes” (MTV)
    4. “Reba” (WB)
    5. “I'm with Her” (ABC)

    Okay, I know that a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this, but “Everybody Loves Raymond” is just not funny. It is stereotypical, predictable and, all in all, annoying. “Fraiser” is still being made, but who knew? I had to go to NBC’s Web site to make sure. MTV is famous for its one-season hits, which leaves me questioning, why is “The Osbournes” still being made?

    Where’s my remote?
    (Worst dramas):
    1. “E.R.” (NBC)
    2. “7th Heaven” (WB)
    3. “Angel” (WB)
    4. “Charmed” (WB)
    5. “Gilmore Girls” (WB)

    There is something wrong with the frog … the WB frog that is. Four out of the five worst dramas are courtesy of this wannabe TCU mascot. I would rather watch SuperFrog sort laundry than listen to the incessant whining of WB soaps. I am sure I will get some scoffs for picking on the WB here, but keep in mind that the WB is capable of good shows, but they export all of them to NBC (WB produces “Friends”, “Will and Grace” and many others). As for “E.R.”, NBC has driven that story line into the ground. It should be classified as a daytime soap opera, not a prime time must-see.