Welcome back to school everyone


    Greetings from all your friends at the TCU Daily Skiff. We hope you had a safe and fun winter break, and are as excited as we are about entering another semester at TCU.

    As we kick off the spring 2004 semester, it is important to remember that many TCU students are entering into a very auspicious time. Some are beginning their final semester at TCU and are facing the harsh reality that they will be out in the “real world” in a little more than four short months. Others will be struggling to understand how they can possibly be old enough to be ending their first year of college.

    No matter what classification you are, what organization you are in, or what major you are pursuing, you can always find yourself among friends. As you begin the tedious ritual of attending class everyday, it is important to realize you are not just a part of a university, you are a part of a community.

    The TCU community extends throughout the country and around the world, but its foundation remains right here in Fort Worth, and is solidified by the relationships you forge with the faces you see every day on campus.

    It is important to take advantage of everything TCU has to offer while you are here because often we forget that college does not last forever (although some of us have been here long enough to make it feel like it does).

    So whether you are wrapping up the beginning or beginning the end, enjoy and make the most of this spring 2004 semester. Although you will not stay in college forever, the memories and relationships you make can last a lifetime.

    From all of us here at the Skiff, welcome back to the TCU community.