Opinion: The Chiefs are inconsistent and are missing a key player


    A lot of key divisional matchups are this weekend, and it looks as if almost every game will be competitive down to the wire. Here are the guys I’m high and low on this week.

    Guys I’m High On
    San Diego Offense vs. Kansas City – The Chiefs have been outscored 89-10 for the first two weeks. The Chargers have put up pretty good numbers their first two weeks. I see everyone on the Chargers offense getting involved and coasting to an easy victory.
    Vernon Davis, tight end for San Francisco, vs. Cincinnati – Cincinnati has given up two touchdowns to opposing tight ends in the first two weeks. In an offense in which the tight end is the only reliable receiving option, I look for the 49ers to get Davis a lot of looks. Also, Braylon Edwards and Michael Crabtree are out for this week, so that should help Davis’ value even more.
    Steve Smith vs. Jacksonville – Jacksonville looks terrible on both sides of the ball this year. Steve Smith has shown that he has chemistry with rookie quarterback Cam Newton, and that should continue this week. I don’t think this duo will have the success from the first couple of weeks but are still viable options.
    Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Carolina – Jones-Drew is just about the only positive thing about this offense. With rookie Blane Gabbert starting this week, look for a heavy dose of mojo from the Jags. Not only will he be getting a lot of carries this week, but Jones-Drew will be Gabbert’s safety valve when plays start to break down.

    Guys I’m Low On
    Donovan McNabb vs. Detroit – The Lions have a solid defense and have allowed the seventh-fewest passing yards in the NFL this season. The Vikings have struggled throwing the ball and are second-to-last in this category. They also have that guy Adrian Peterson in the backfield, and he should get a lot of carries if Minnesota wants to stay in the game.
    Chad Henne vs. Cleveland – I know, I know, another quarterback that I’m low on. The Browns gave up more than 120 rushing yards per game and have held passing attacks to just over 165 yards a game (Yes, that is second in the league). With the way Daniel Thomas ran last week and the way Reggie Bush played in week one, I think both backs will get a lot of looks and keep Henne as a game manager.
    The Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers – Like I said above, The Chiefs look bad on both sides of the ball. For the rest of the season, they are going to be without Jamaal Charles, who is arguably one of the best playmakers in the league today. The only player I can see having a big impact would be Dwayne Bowe, but he is too inconsistent for me to count on.
    Chicago Bears wide receivers vs. Green Bay – Forte, Forte and more Forte seems to be the motto for Mike Martz and the Bears’ offense. Forte leads the Bears in both rushing and receiving yards, and Martz mentioned earlier this week that they wanted to get him the ball even more. This will cut into the Bears’ wideouts’ targets as they go up against a good pass defense in Green Bay.

    So, there you have it. There are the guys I’m high and low on for week three. And that, my friends, is factually correct fantasy football.