Boschini on football and enrollment


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    Chancellor Victor Boschini said he did not have any information on the conference realignment because of its constant changes, according to an interview in Texas Tribune. The power of sports on TCU’s brand is large, he said. Successful athletics sparks people’s interest and once they evaluate TCU they find wonderful things, he said. All of the talk about the conference shows how largely sports impacts our culture.

    Enrolling in a private school could cost more but TCU is focusing on the university’s assessment, he said. If parents saw the value of their children attending a smaller campus they would be supportive.

    Allowing more students attendance at an independent school is more challenging than a larger school, he said. If TCU added 1,000 students, residence halls, dining and class size would be affected, whereas a larger university could get by easier.

    Boschini said the increasing price rate of the university is worrying but the value of an education exceeds it. Proving that TCU is worth the cost is the largest challenge as an independent school.

    Parents and students expect more out of TCU than ever, Boschini said. Every department is expected to create a higher level of service.

    What is good for Texas is good for TCU, Boschini said. The Tuition Equlaization Grant (TEG) gives need-based grants to Texas students that attend private universities. While the TEG was affected by budget cuts, Boschini said TEG participants graduate at a higher rate and saves the state money. TEG also goes to middle and lower class students and does not go to rich families.

    Studies show that if a student reaches sophomore year they’re more likely to graduate, he said.