Is the Big 12 in motion again?


    Things could be shifting once again in the world of athletic conferences.

    The University of Missouri governing board has scheduled a meeting for Tuesday to discuss its conference alignment, according to multiple reports.

    If Missouri leaves the Big 12, then TCU could be one of the four schools to join the conference to increase the number to 12, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News.

    Missouri would be the conference’s fourth defector in the last 15 months. Texas A&M formally accepted an invitation to the SEC Monday and Colorado and Nebraska deceided to leave last summer.

    But according to reports, the conference plans to reload.

    Multiple Big 12 sources indicated the possibility of a two-team expansion process if Missouri decides to leave the conference, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Jimmy Burch reported Wednesday night.

    TCU, along with former Mountain West rival BYU, have reportedly surfaced as possible Big 12 replacements. Geographically speaking, the inclusion of TCU in the conference makes sense, as they would essentially replace A&M as the Big 12’s fourth Texas school

    Plus, according to school sources, should TCU choose to leave the Big East, they’ll be able to do so with out facing any legal issues, Burch reported.

    But TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini is not saying much regarding TCU’s involvement in the conference realignment shuffle.

    In an interview with Reeve Hamilton of the Texas Tribune, Boschini said he could not comment on the issue because of its frequent tendency to change.

    “I can probably say nothing on conference realignment,” Boschini told Hamilton. “The only reason is because nobody really knows. It changes by the minute. As soon as I know something concrete, I’d be happy to talk to you or anybody.”

    Boschini may know more about the situation after this weekend, though.

    Associated Press reports surfaced Wednesday night that Big East university presidents are scheduled to meet in Washington D.C. Sunday to discuss the future of the conference. Boschini confirmed Thursday he will be leaving immediately after TCU’s game against SMU Saturday for the meeting, which is scheduled for Sunday morning.