Academically focused, singing fraternity begins on campus


    TCU welcomes the founding class of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity to campus this year.

    Founded in 1839, the newest chapter of the “singing fraternity,” as it is known nationally, came to campus in June when advisor T.J. Hutchings came to Fort Worth.

    The class of 79 men has a combined grade point average of 3.63.

    Since then Beta has been recruiting men for their first class with a strong emphasis on academics.

    “We recruit on our values and the character of the man,” Hutchings said.

    The class includes freshmen through seniors but will not have the typical big brother program other fraternities have, Hutchings said.

    “We come on campus to be a fraternity of a real value and our mission is not just another drinking club. We’re attracting those students because they understand, especially the juniors and seniors who have accepted bids or will be accepting bids because they see the potential that the fraternity can go and they see that need for it at TCU,” Hutchings said.

    Senior accounting major Brandon Corcoran said the opportunity to join the fraternity was something he could not pass up because of the impact Beta could have on campus.

    “I guess really what we’re expecting to do is have the seniors share their leadership experience and expertise with some of the younger guys on campus and help them grow, not only has brothers in the fraternity but as students at TCU,” Corcoran said.

    The “singing fraternity” has already been to the sorority chapter meetings around campus to serenade the women.

    “Beta is known as the singing fraternity,” Corcoran said. “I think that little aspect like that are things that the TCU greek community doesn’t have.”

    Hutchings said the serenading brings back a feeling of chivalry.

    “Nationally, Beta is pretty big so I think it’s really cool to bring something like that to the TCU community,” Corcoran said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how that progresses as we establish ourselves here.”