School spirit lacking among students


    TCU has seen an increase in a new syndrome surrounding Amon G. Carter Stadium. It’s called “students-leaving-early syndrome.”

    Although it may seem like the football team does not need much support to win a game, it has never been more important for fans — especially students — to stay in their seats or on their feet for the entirety of the game.

    Just because the team is on the field does not mean that they cannot see half of the student section leaving at halftime and not coming back. The student section is opposite of the TCU bench. Gary Patterson and the rest of the team can see just how few students are there.

    It is the students’ responsibility during a football game to stay behind our team and support them throughout the game, whether we are winning or losing. Students make up a substantial amount of the crowd because it is free to get into the games with a valid student ID. Other fans must pay to attend, and they pay to watch an entire game.

    Some students choose to watch the game from the BLUU because it is air-conditioned and get just as excited about the game as they would if they were at the stadium.

    Yes, it is hot with all of these day games, but all of the enthusiasm shown while watching the game on TV could have a positive impact on the team. If students are loud enough for the players to hear, then that energy may impact how they perform.

    Just think about this the next time you start to leave a football game: If you were a member of the team and looked up to see half of your peers leaving during halftime, would you want to play?

    Managing Editor Chelsea Katz for the editorial board.