Alumnus pushes for student support of Bush in election


    TCU’s College Republicans brought in its first guest speaker of the semester Tuesday night to rally support for the GOP.

    Roger Williams, a 1972 graduate, told students about the upcoming presidential election and the need to keep President Bush in the White House.

    Williams is chairman of the Republican Eagles, one of the oldest and best-recognized donors of the Republican National Committee.

    Williams said the race will be close and that young people on college campuses could win this election for the president if they get involved.

    “Not since Abraham Lincoln has a president been as challenged as Bush, and a second term would prove he can be one of the greatest presidents,” Williams said.

    Williams said the three main topics that will determine this year’s election will be the economy, health care and the war on terrorism.

    “Tonight felt like a preview for the upcoming campaign,” sophomore history major Matt Gamble said. “It was (informative) to hear what to do to get the president re-elected.”

    Jay Zeidman, president of the Student Government Association, said because students don’t typically vote and the last election came down to 533 votes, now is the time for people to stand up and take action.

    Sophomore political science major Austin Hardwick said he hopes the talk brought Bush to the front of people’s minds.

    “Seeing a bunch of people take time out to hear Mr. Williams talk is definitely a great thing,” Hardwick said.

    Forty-seven students were present to here Williams speak. Members of the College Republicans said they were happy with the turnout.

    “We promoted this for two days and in those two days our mailing list grew by 70 people,” sophomore political science major Austin Hardwick said. “If we can keep putting that kind of effort in, we could blow the roof off of this.”