Patterson replies to SMU’s comments as the rivalry continues


    TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson did not take kindly to comments made by SMU Head Coach June Jones following the Mustangs 40-33 overtime win over the Frogs Saturday at Amon Carter Stadium.

    Patterson did not hold back Tuesday at his weekly press luncheon when expressing his discontent for the remarks made by Jones, who, according to Patterson, said TCU was easy to figure out because, scheme-wise, they had not changed much over the years.

    “Since he’s been at Hawaii and been at TCU, I think he’s one-of-eight (against TCU),” Patterson said. “So, I mean, he hasn’t changed much either.”

    Patterson said he did not appreciate the lack of respect given to TCU by Jones, who has slowly built a competitive program at SMU with the help and advice of Patterson and his coaching staff.

    “All we’ve ever tried to do here at TCU is help SMU,” Patterson said. “We’ve bent over backwards to make sure they’ve improved their program because I believe that’s what you do. We’ve let them come over and talk about how we do things academically, how we do things with the stadium, how we do everything to try to help them make their program better.

    Their way of thanking us for that is to cut us down. I don’t think they should look for any more help from anybody over here ever again. They’re getting no help from Gary Patterson.”

    Patterson has made it clear before, he holds no grudges against any team off the field, rival or not, and that he’s always willing to help other coaches and programs. He re-emphasized that point Tuesday.

    “I’m going to hate somebody for three hours when we play them, then I’m not going to hate them,” Patterson said. “And after the game [SMU] is still talking about it.”

    But Patterson said his patience is wearing thin with SMU.

    “The SMU people had been looking down at TCU for a long time over here,” Patterson said. “The older group of alumni around here have a certain feeling about SMU. I didn’t have that feeling. But I’m getting it.”

    Patterson also had a few choice words for Saturday’s officiating crew.

    TCU was flagged for 115 yards on 11 penalties against the Mustangs in Saturday’s loss.

    Patterson didn’t say much about the officials after the game, just noting that they were from the Conference USA, which SMU is a member of.

    But Patterson was a bit more harsh Tuesday.

    Patterson pointed to cornerback Jason Verrett’s interception being called back as a turning point in the game. Verrett picked off SMU quarterback J.J. McDermott’s throw in the first quarter but was called for pass interference. The Mustangs went on to score a touchdown to get out to a 7-0 lead. Patterson said the touchdown should have never happened.

    “The first two touchdowns shouldn’t [have] happened,” Patterson said. I still can’t find a foul on [the Verrett interception]. I mean, I can go down the list of things. It was a poorly officiated ballgame.”

    Patterson claimed C-USA told him they would issue a formal statement apologizing for what appeared to be a one-sided game called by the referees Saturday. But as of Tuesday, the conference had issued no such statement, so Patterson took matters into his own hands.

    “I was told the commissioner of the Conference-USA called and said he was publicly going to say something,” Patterson said. “But up to this point he hadn’t, so I did.”

    TCU left the C-USA for the Mountain West Conference in 2005. Poorly called games like Saturday’s reminds Patterson of why the Frogs left the conference, he said.

    “I can tell you this much, I know why I left the conference now,” Patterson said.