Dan Jenkins shares his thoughts on TCU football and its future


    TCU alumnus and former Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Dan Jenkins has never been short on opinions. And as the official historian of the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame, the Fort Worth native isn’t short on knowledge either. Especially when it comes to college football. Here’s Jenkins’ take on a few topics of recent interest regarding TCU:

    On where TCU fits into the recent conference realignment shuffle:

    “TV is going to decide everything. I hope we’re (TCU) basically going to look out for ourselves. Money being what drives the bus, unfortunately, I think we would go to the Big 12 in a heartbeat if asked. It would be worth a few million more than being in the Big East.”

    On what conference would be the best destination for TCU:

    “We can win in the Big East, if it stays alive. We will have a tougher time winning in the Big 12, and if we never want to win another football game, go to the SEC. Not that we would ever be invited. All things falling apart, I think we would more likely team up with Baylor rather than SMU in a mutual aid society. Personally, I hope the Big East survives and we’re part of it. Better time zone, new towns, new rivals, and better chance of building a dynasty.”

    On his respect, or lack there of, for referees:

    “Most zebras should be brutally tortured, rendered bankrupt, and made to spend the rest of their lives with their heads on a curb, coughing up blood. On the other hand, maybe that’s too good for them.”

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