Trustees “strongly considering” Big 12 move


    There were no meetings scheduled for Friday to discuss the offer to join the Big 12 conference, according to a TCU spokesperson.

    Board of Trustees member Leanne Acuff said the group would meet later to reach a decision about the Big 12 Conference, but that they were leaning towards accepting the invitation.

    “The trustees are strongly considering moving to the Big 12,” Acuff said.

    One member of the board of trustees was reached Friday and forwarded questions to board chairman Clarence A. Scharbauer III who could not be reached Friday afternoon.

    TCU Director of Communications Lisa Albert said in an email there was no board meeting scheduled for today.

    “We are in discussions with the Big 12 and the board will meet in the future to discuss details, but that has not been set yet,” Albert said.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini said he had “nothing to say” concerning the Big 12 or a trustee meeting.

    Director of Athletics Media Relations Mark Cohen said in an email there was “nothing to report” as of Friday afternoon.

    Rumors about a meeting have radio stations and Twitter buzzing.

    Updates about the conference realignment and meetings will be posted as it becomes available.

    Katie Terhune and Bailey McGowan contributed to this report.