Opinion: Students take an interest in the Texas Rangers


    The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is going through a sports renaissance. In just one year, DFW has played host to two World Series, the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals. 

    This is a time of rebirth for DFW sports. The Dallas Mavericks  are the NBA champions, and the Rangers are two-time American League champions. This is the best time to be a DFW sports fan since the Dallas Cowboys won three Super Bowls . 

    Students are embracing the Texas Rangers, especially this year with the Cowboys struggling and the NBA season in jeopardy. Under the watch hand of Nolan Ryan, the Rangers have evolved from a bankrupt doormat into the best organization in the AL. This year is the highest attendance in team history, despite the record summer temperatures. 

    Around campus, many students are taking interest in the World Series. Jerseys of Ranger heroes like Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz are becoming a common sight on campus.

    Expectations on how the Rangers will perform in the series are high. Many fans believe the stellar Rangers offense will carry the day and bring the first World Series title to Texas. 

    Tickets for the World Series are sold out on the Texas Rangers wesbite. They are currently only available through the StubHub website. One World Series ticket for game three will cost you about $275, and that is standing room only. The cheapest tickets are for game five ($245), but you run the risk of buying a ticket to a game that might not even be played. If you would like to sit down to watch the game in Arlington, be prepared to spend at least $400 for nosebleed seats. 

    Some professors may notice a higher number of absences in night classes. All the games will begin at 7:05 p.m., right in the middle of many night classes. Students face a tough decision: attend their classes or root their team on to victory in the Fall Classic.