Tweet for prizes on ‘Swagtag’ from TCU alum


    Creative tweets that incorporate #whenihadbraces can win a prize today from a new site co-created by a TCU grad.

    The promotion is part of an effort by to help companies raise their profile on Twitter. Tweets using the promoted hashtag are entered into a 24-hour competition for “swag,” a prize from a Swagtag client. Having a tweet liked is worth one point, a retweet is worth two points. There’s a different prize everyday.

    Swagtag, created by TCU alumnus Mike Vosters and Gabe Stein, launched its first contest with a prize today.

    This week’s swag will include a University Mosaic Art Print, Anderson Trail Granola, Canisters of Premium Peanuts and Trufflehead Application Downloads.

    “Overall companies have been very, very positive,” Vosters said. “We really just grabbed the companies that are willing to take and risk and willing to put up a prize.”

    Companies that Vosters previously worked for wanted to effectively promote themselves on Twitter. Vosters came up with the site idea with Stein, who works with the technical aspect of the site.

    The site is geared toward the Fort Worth area.

    “I love TCU. I love Fort Worth,” Vosters said. Vosters graduated this May with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an economics minor. Vosters said the central marketing class and sales class he took at TCU helped him with the site.

    For students wanting to do something similar to the website Vosters said, “Start as soon as possible, take as many risks as they can and fail quickly.”

    Vosters tinkered with many entrepreneurial projects while at TCU. While none of them took off, Vosters said he learned a lot and it helped him while applying for full time jobs. Vosters is currently the account manager at an advertisement agency in New York.

    “The main reason I moved up here was for the Internet companies and the start-up scene. It’s really strong,” Vosters said.

    The site tested a few tags this past month including #welcometotexas and #onlyinamerica. The team worked on bugs and listened to feedback from users.

    “Have fun, tweet well and try to get some swag,” Vosters said.